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Warframe animation sets suggestion: custom animation sets


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Ability to purchase other warframes' animation sets and put them on your favorite warframes was an amasing idea. It grealy improves the ability to create your truly unique warframe / tenno invidividuality.

I suggest to push this ability even further: custom animation sets.

Every animation set right now consists of multiple context-based idle animations .
Those are:

  1. Idle - no weapon.
  2. Primary weapon - firearm.
  3. Primary weapon - bow.
  4. Primary weapon - speargun.
  5. Secondary weapon - single.
  6. Secondary weapon - paired.
  7. Secondary weapon - throwing weapon.

I suggest to allow the players to customise each of these animations individually.
This would allow for even greater personality customisation of a warframe as opposed to having a separate "out of character" instance.

For example: i really like Umbra Noble animation set. For some reasons Umbra really appreciates his weapons and acts like a soldier around them (especially the way he holds solo secondaries with two handes in soldier-like posture).
But i dislike his no-weapon idle animation. Its way too tense and angry. But i can't get rid  of it without losing the amasing animations for weapons.

Another example: i generally like Oberon Noble animation set - its my most used set probably. But one thing i dislike about it is the way it handles spearguns -  Oberon does it a little bit too gracefully. Would be lovely to adjust that.

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