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Index: Missing Index Points in the Rift


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Hi, I've been having the following problem in Low Index on the indoor map, using Limbo:

Enemy brokers that die in stasis in the rift will sometimes not drop their index points. This only happens when the enemies are either on top of the Tenno "base" or in the nearby corner where the ammo spawns. Here is a video of every time this occurred during 45 minutes out of the same Index run:


I've included the whole footage of each kill so that you can look for patterns. This has happened ever since I started using Limbo in the Index a few days ago. But at least in this instance, the one pattern I can see is that several brokers (undisguised Jen Dro, Derim Zahn, Lockjaw & Sol, Rana Del) do the vast majority of the missing points.

I'm not sure whether or not this happens in the outdoor level; it certainly seems to be the case that enemies will sometimes not drop points, but this tends to happen on ledges, and sometimes I can see the point fall off the edge.

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