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Solaris Strike Force


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We just lost the signal on our communication array with the Solaris. While some of our forces are working hard on deciphering the strange message we received, we should work together as a Strike Force once more, as we did on V-Prime last night.

Our goal now is to disturb as massivly as possible the corpus communications arround Venus, by intercepting as many secret messages as we can.

>>> Target: Venus - Cytherean <<<

Join the battle for Solaris.


PS: this is a 100% player made roleplay call, with no guaranteed result on anything, for anyone wanting to pass time before fortuna arrives. Feel free to pass your way if you're not interessed.

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Il y a 10 heures, o0Despair0o a dit :

I'd like to, but... I gotta work tomorrow, I need to get up at 6:20, and it's 5 before midnight.... and I'm the kind of person who sleeps 12 hours straight if I'm tired.

Well, I slept too, but now back to the shenanigan.

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