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Weekend Events After Beta


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I think the weekend events now are used for preview or test run type of activity for the dev team, which is great for the game and great for us atm. I do notice however, when they talk about them they always giggle and say, "that came together late in the week" as if it doesn't look and feel that way to us when we play it. They feel thrown together last minute and that's why they are not really that fun and unpolished. We let this slide hoping that in future it gets better, and I have no doubt it will.


Just in case though, I would like the dev team to at least discuss and maybe plan for future events that can be apart of the longer term game. The game is a coop game atm and probably will be for the next at least year or so, but again I ask they plan the "big picture" and plan the events for the time when most people get bored and only the hardcore or solo'ers are still waging the war. 


Ideas like "Bounty Hunt Weekends" where you could track down a VIP and take him in for reward and if you are not seen or the alarms not raised you get better rewards. The second you are seen the VIP starts to run to his escape pod and the player(s) have exactly :60 seconds to stop him or you need to track him to another system. For every 10 seconds he is not brought down his aura gets stronger and increases him and the mobs around him making them extremely deadly to the point he becomes almost boss strength or higher by the end. Also, when the alarm is raised the spawn rate could go up like in the survival maps, this could flood the map and slow you down even more from reaching the target. This focuses the player on either stealth game play or rushing with precision and stopping the runners from hitting alarms, either way, it helps the skills of the players.


This is what event weekends after launch should be, a twist on game play the focuses a skill in the game, and as a reward maybe a mod table just for these events, or maybe even give some void reward pool stuff this way, so it isn't such a grind with those, or really rare cosmetic drop(s), rare scarf or pet parts sprinkled in each event (seasonal rewards for example).


The point is, plan longer term and further out goals while still in beta, if there were something like 12 really fun event types and cycled through the year, that would equal 4 weekends a year (3 days every three months) for each event, it would still be rare and special and we could have something every weekend to look forward to.

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