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(Suggestion) Steel Meridian-Perrin Sequence Summit


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An alliance-mate (His alias is broghost) and I have been thinking about why Steel Meridian and the Perrin Sequence hate each other, and came to the conclusion that the reason has more or less been overshadowed by some current events that are most certainly spoilers for Natah, The Second Dream and The Sacrifice/Chimera Prologue. (More on that below.) Perrin isn't going to do well without a market, and Meridian is supposed to protect the civilian colonies, right? The Perrin Sequence could help to fund and/or supply these colonies that Meridian defends. If they both truly have the civilians' best interests at heart, which if I'm not mistaken they both claim to, they could easily have a shared interest in that alone, not to mention their mutual partnerships with Tenno volunteers, and the mutual hatred for their enemies. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Furthermore, Cephalon Suda and New Loka may also stand to benefit from this kind of alliance, not quite as immediately or directly as Steel Meridian and the Perrin Sequence, but hear me out; Cephalon Suda's purpose is to collect information and pursue 'her' curiosity, and if a group of the Grineer and Corpus that didn't want to destroy Suda emerged, 'she' could learn a lot from the combined information and history of both groups, although I imagine the Perrins would have a much better record. Regardless, it would be nice to get to easily interact with both sides of the enemy, through its former members, who have first hand experience on the other side. It sounds interesting to me at least...
New Loka may not even realize what they'd gain from this, but if their goal is still a unified, pure humanity, untouched by cloning decay, or robotic augmentation, it sounds to me like gathering the genius scientists of the Perrin Sequence with the skilled soldiers of Steel Meridian, who I'm sure wouldn't mind helping the Perrins to cure their decay, would be the first step.


None of that can even begin to compare to the threat the Sentients pose, now that they're back.
Over the course of our major story quests, excluding The War Within, we've experienced a definite increase in Sentient activity, and there's no way we're the only ones who've noticed. The Perrin Sequence and Steel Meridian can't dwell on what they did when they were at war. They're not at war now, and with the Tenno as a bridge between the two syndicates, just like they are the bridge between the "world we know, of blood and steel and the world that watches and dreams" as Teshin described it, they can work together to help the civilians, damn well save humanity from total extinction at the 'hands' of vengeful toasters, and repay the Tenno for all that they've done for both parties.

I'm not asking to gain Perrin faction with Meridian faction, and I'm not asking you to remove syndicates entirely. Tensions would still be high, and it would take years for them to trust each other entirely, but Tenno are "the sworn protectors of the Origin System," and we'd be foolishly disregarding our responsibility to not at least try to host this kind of meeting.


Now that I think of it, maybe the Lotus never did, because deep down Natah didn't want humanity to become too strong again. Now that she's gone, and we're in charge of ourselves, I think it's time for the Tenno to start actually maintaining the balance, as we're honor-bound to do. I know the Arbiters of Hexis would agree with that sentiment, and frankly if the Red Veil can't support the children they say are so holy, at least for their own protection, forget them! We don't need their edgy drama, this is a crisis situation and our squabbling does us no good.

If you can make a quest or an operation out of this, I think it would do wonders for the world-building. It could give us a frame of reference for how the syndicates actually interact, what their real problems with each other are, and probably boost the immersion if it's done well. I'm probably not the first person to recommend this kind of thing, but I thought I'd post the suggestion for whatever good it would do.
Besides, it looks like you guys planned on making a quest for each syndicate, anyway. How about a cross-syndicate quest?

Feel free to point out flaws or misinformation if you find any!

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Missed a spoiler... ,:)
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