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Clan vault updated, but flawed.


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Under DE's recent string of activities revolving around the dojo remaster.  They touched up the dojo treasury as well as some mecanics to the clan vault itself. 

With that said, my dojo has some platinum in the vault that I'd like to use getting decorations for the dojo itself. However, the treasury doesn't offer this function.

Given that the dojo remaster decoration contest will be a recurring event, I'd like for the option to gain ship decoration items using the clan vaulted plat. 

This idea was brought up by one of the PS4 clans that won the dojo remaster competition.

Tho this idea is heavily weighted towards the winners of the dojo remaster competition. The other option for using plat for the dojo is to rush decoration items or rooms.

With this change,  there is more reason to compete in the next competition. Also it gives more rewards to the previous winners of the dojo decoration contest.

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