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New Q view shortcuts bug


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OK I don`t know why you change this but now is everything mess up totaly. Old was a lot a lot better if I leave slot empty was empty now everything mess up and my shortcuts first in settings is Y here show Z in game don˛`t work anyone 👎  I always had last for restores now is everything mess up if I leave slot empty not only that Y key doesn`t even works any more.

This Q UI is totaly garbage.... but I can use shortcuts but I can`t because Y was for HP and here shiw Z ?? and doesn`t even work now 👎 I removed two slots and now all my shortcuts are mess up very good DE really next time just leave alone or do it like it works before!!!!!

Why do we need Q menu on the entire screen I don`t even know. You could create both options is not that hard if you do it for UI is easier for one small Q menu.


EDIT: Now Y works maybe mess up shortcuts because old Q UI, if I leave slot empty stay empty. Now UI put together everything and this mess up  shortcuts and this need to be fixed. But Z stay the same even if I set Y.... but at least it works because using this new UI -> NO Thanks.




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