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Ballistica Prime Status Chance still similar to Shotguns Status Calculation


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While the Ballistica Prime has good stats coupled with the ghost it can spawn as a distraction, I can't help but to notice the Ballistica Prime firing in a similar manner to shotguns.

Thing is, status on shotguns are unreliable unless you reach 100% status before multishot, and few shotguns are capable of reaching that (ones with 30% or more such as the Tigris Prime).

To fix the Ballistica Prime's status chance issue since it's not possible to reach 100% with the weapon, change it into a simultaneous burst fire like the Quartakk. The Quartakk got it's status chance fixed since each of the shots from the burst to have an equal chance. Even the other Ballistica variants has its uncharged fire as a burst fire too.


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