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Boot Guest from dojo when not in group


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Presently if anyone is in the dojo at all, a guest will not be booted from the dojo.

This causes a major problem.

In the last dojo contest I'm fairly certain our dojo had points marked off for originality since I saw literally 6 other entries directly copy things from our dojo and submit it as their own original work.

As it stands, if you have a large and active clan there is literally no way to prevent people from running around screen capping and getting footage of all your hard work and creativity and directly ripping it off. 

I'm presently putting together 12 new rooms for the next competition and I'd like it very much if DE didn't enable people to directly copy my work.  As it stands right now I've already had people coming in from other clans after they were kicked from a group for trading and walk in where I'm presently spending hours designing things and start screen capping.

It's one thing to have similar ideas or be inspired by something and create your own take on it, it's another to copy it directly and submit it as original work and that's super F'd up and shouldn't be encouraged.

I don't mind sharing what I've created with other people, but I very much do mind them directly stealing ideas I'm working very hard on that cost millions of resources to build at this tier and days to design each room.  In the very least we should be able to toggle this.

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