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i just got a problem when i play defense mission on Helene, Saturn

i joined someone server on waves 2 or 3 and i did the most damage until waves 5 and when the rewards time coming it says  NOT ELIGIBLE DUE TO INACTIVITY

So, i getting lazy to do much like before but still i did some help on defending the cryopod tho....

and this is the PROVE55C22EBB0C292452763999530F65F8032A448DCF (1920Ã1080)

4DB5B83F38C65C7EE09060BE7FBEC07773F8FD79 (1920Ã1080)6DBA51CF75F7D6FB24BCE5713D7565B834EAB85F (1920Ã1080)

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