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PS4 - Slam Attacks SFX sound... kind of silly.

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The SFX for slam attacks sound like they're intended for whips, and on a whip it would sound fine. But where I hear it most is on my Heavy Blades running Tempo Royale and on Polearms running Twirling Spire.

While the SFX on its own isn't too bad, when it's drowned out by other ambient sounds, it can sound like a squeaky hammer.

I know with Melee 3.0 around the corner some stuff on the back end is probably getting worked on, but in the meantime it's making my weapons sound a bit goofy.

Thanks for reading.


I just realized there was an official DE response in the PC thread here:


Thanks for the feedback. We will be making more weapon specific slam and heavy attack sounds when melee 3.0 is released

So uh.... problem solved. Thanks guys!

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