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List of ways to break the game in the Plains of Eidlon (making it not playable/impossible to control)


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I noticed that I found like 2 (Had more but couldn't recreate the situation) ways to break the game in the Plains of Eidlon (no hacks, I was just wondering around the place)

i) If you die before entering Cetus in the lobby and if the result screen pops up before reviving, you basically have a dead and uncontrollable warframe in Cetus

How to recreate: Tonkor (Yes, good old tonkor, or any other weapons that gives self damage), in a group of at least 2


       1) Go back to Cetus and right before last person in the party enters the "Lobby ish" room, fire your tonkor and get self damage and make sure you don't get revive

PS: You can still click ESC to leave Cetus, that will fix the problem. Tried fast travel but didn't solve the problem. I'm assuming this is happening because unlike a regular mission where at the end of the game you have this "Getting into your ship animation" but not when you are entering Cetus from the Plains of Eidlon.

Possible solution: Disable weapon as well when you are entering that area. 


ii) Fly towards Cetus at very fast and high, you will be able to pass through the barrier and see Cetus (No players just low LOD assets) and it will pretty much burn your PC, (My FPS went from 120 to 2 [until I got of that area]). 

PS: I'm not sure they fixed this yet (last time I tried this was like a month ago and I am not trying this again, that almost burned my PC)


Question: How to I put imgs on forums? (never used forums before) I do have screen shots of it.

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