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Short freeze when logging into warframe / starting up navigation / other loading happens


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Does anybody else have these like 0.5-1s freezes when logging into the orbiter or starting the navigation console there? I just watched Prime Time and in the video there was no 'loading time' to the star chart whatsoever.

I also remember the problem starting after some UI update got introduced. My PC has been installed fresh once already some time after it began with those mini-freezes. Back then I thought that with the new look this behaviour is normal, but apparently it isn't.

Other than those occasional stutters, the game runs perfectly fine @ max settings and with 144FPS.

i7 4930K @4GHz
GTX 1080 Ti


Edit: This is the relevant part, see her switching to star chart without any freeze. 

On my rig, there is a 0.5-1s freeze at this time and when moving for the first time after returning to the orbiter from a mission.

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