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PoE Cave Cache Mission Bug


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So in a stage 4/4 bounty I get a cache mission. Got pointed towards a cave and entered.

Found two caches, in 20 seconds, and failed to locate the last one in the remaining 3 and a half minute.

Normally I wouldnt take the time to investigate and just leave it be, but since I had exactly the same mission, found exactly the same 2 caches and had exactly the same weird waypoint for the last cache which I never found, I felt that this was indeed a bug which actually cost me two final stage rewards, so yeah, I'm kinda pissed off now.

The first two caches I found within seconds:




When the timer is going to run out the game helps you a bit by narrowing down the search area on the radar.




I can't fly up there, since there is an invisible wall, if it's not in this cave, it's a bug. The cache is suppossed to be in the search area(cave), which it clearly is not.

Going out of the cave auto fails your mission because you are out of the missions boundaries.

What im mostly curious about. I've done this mission several times in the past and was always able to finish them.

Why is it now broken?

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and ofcourse.... I get the mission again... knowing because of this bug I will fail it on ANOTHER 4/4 stage




I managed to finish the mission...

found the last cache

if this isn't a bug, it's horrible game design...

just look at where the cache is....

you have to go out of the cave, then you have 10 seconds to get back into the zone before it aborts your mission...


such an abort zone is not suppossed to increase difficulty or make a mission near impossible to complete

the only reason I was able to finish this is because I had a fast frame with me: Zephyr

but you shouldn't only be able to complete this if you have a speedy frame or archwing...


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