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Allow slots to be multi-polarity


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I heard this in a Warframe video so I cannot take full credit for the idea. However, I do have an idea on two ways it could work.

Method 1 - Universal slotting

This method would involve using  formas on a slot multiple times, eventually leading to that slot simply having every polarity on it at one time, allowing it to halve the cost of any mod slotted in. Now, from a UI standpoint, I find this would be messy, and it would lead to some odd issues down the road.

Method 2 - Swapping polarity

This would work similar to how it does now. You'd forma the slot, and it would take on the new polarity. However, it would also remember any polarity the slot has had in the past, and in the swap polarity menu, selecting the same slot twice would open a menu to choose one of the polarities, or none at all.

I think this would make it more worthwhile to players to have the ability to tweak their builds more heavily and try out a greater variety of mods rather than obsessing over finding a singular build others have tested out.

I don't see it happening, but I still think it has merit.

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I used to be opposed to this, then I changed my mind. If anything I'd like to see it on just the aura slot. A of lot CP's dominance is caused by needing to polarize to -, which basically locks you out of all non-dash auras. Sure you can unpolarize the aura slot, but have you ever actually used an unpolarized aura slot before? The one frame I've done it to, Titania, is at 12 forma because any time I want to adjust my build, it costs one.




I'd rather a new thread than a necro. Just because it's come up before doesn't mean it's come up recently.

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The whole point of polarities is balancing capacity against flexibility.

Instead of making slots multi-polarity, it would make much more sense to revisit existing mods and spread the polarities out more evenly. As it stands Madurai is often the best repeat choice simply because other polarities tend to not have many worthwhile mods available. Just look at Vazarin...

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