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Was doing a Kuva Flood Spy as Ivara - Solo mode.  At some point, I could no longer use her 3 it was red as if it was ESO.  All other abilities were fine including transference.  But no matter what I did, I could not get the use of her invisibility back.

In order, as close as I remember:

  • Hacked A
  • Siphon appeared on way to B
  • As soon as siphon appeared, the alarms triggered a denial bursa. One minute later, the ambulus was dropped off, then Stalker spawned. (all before the first siphon cloud - good times on a Flood)
  • Stalker knocked me out of invisibility, I killed him with operator. I went back invisible.
  • Finished Siphon  occasionally using invis
  • Finished hacking B - used invis
  • Exiting B I was VISIBLE, bullet jumping past enemies.  I MAY have tried to cloak right when I was passing a nullifier or the denial bursa that had previously spawned and was denied use of her 3rd ability.
  • Got to C by running, parkour, tried to go invis and thats when I realized I couldnt.  Didn't work for rest of mission.
  • Hacked C as operator, tried a few things to get invis back out of curiousity (fell off map, used transferrence, used other abilities etc) nothting worked.  only thing I didn't try was dying - at no point did she get killed.
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