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New Warframe Concept "Illusionia" The Shapeshifter


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Illusionia The Shapeshifter

My concept for this warframe is to create a shapeshifter who can blend in disguise as the enemy and use their abilities and technology against them.

No Visual appearance as of yet if someone would like to submit a design for a warframe model pm me the photo and I will pick the best submission to represent a shape shifting warframe.

I am not a model designer myself but for those of you who would like to take up this idea as a personal creation for a model I would imagine the helmet being a similar design to the "Mag Pneuma helmet" with a skinny body similar to nova's without the light pregnant belly & long but skinny legs almost looking like a diamond shape design with flat feet.

May the most articulate design be chosen!


PASSIVE - While transformed into one of the grineer unit gain increased armor by 10% of the selected grineer's armor rating, While transformed into one of the corpus unit gain 10% movement speed and 5% increased shields of the selected corpus's movement and shield rating, While transformed into one of infested gain 8.5% additional bonus resistance of the elements the selected infested unit carries, While transformed into an orokin gain an additional 10% damage bonus based off the selected orokin unit's damage rating. While transformed into a sentient your damage type changes to the enemies least resistance element!

First Ability - Shapeshift

Shapeshift into the selected target and mimic his moves.

Level 1 75 Energy, duration 12 seconds

Level 2 65 Energy, duration 22 seconds

Level 3 35 Energy, duration 36 seconds


Second Ability - Tenno Mimic

Target an ally and transform into their warframe & weapon loadout

Level 1 85 Energy, duration 10 seconds 10% of their mod power

Level 2 75 Energy, duration 22 seconds 15% of their mod power

Level 3 55 Energy, duration 38 seconds 30% of their mod power


Third Ability - Illusions

Create multiple Illusions of enemies to be decoys to draw fire

Level 1 85 Energy, duration 12 seconds 4 illusions

Level 2 75 Energy, duration 24 seconds 7 illusions

Level 3 65 Energy, duration 40 seconds 12 illusions


Fourth Ability - Boss Transformation

Transform into a boss at random and fight as them!

Level 1 125 Energy, duration 12 seconds Captain Vor, Lect Krill, or The Sergent

Level 2 108 Energy, duration 24 seconds Captain Vor, Lect Krill, The Sergent, Tyl Regor, & Kala De Thayne

Level 3 80 Energy, duration 40 seconds Captain Vor, Lect Krill, The Sergent, Tyl Regor, Kala De Thayne, Sargas Ruk, Ambulas, Orokin Captain Vor,

Ability strength will effect the power of the damage dealt to enemies and effect their status chance for transforming into a corpus nullifier with the shapeshift ability this will effect how fast the nullifier shield will go down while in this transformation.

Throughout the years of playing it has been a wild dream to hope this concept would one day be implemented into warframe. I believe that this concept will make a new way for players to enjoy the game and let's face it wouldn't it be awesome to be an enemy for a little bit? Jen Dro gets to transform into a warframe in the index why can't we use this technology on them? Lets do what we can to make this happen I am open to changes in the idea if suggested.

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