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Looking for partners to build semi-serious/competitive clan from the ground up.


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Hello fellow Tenno! I'm a veteran Warframe player and I decided I want to start a clan. I'm looking for people like me who might be interested in such an endeavor from the ground up. I have an interesting theme and concept and would like to work with someone dedicated to really help it grow. This is a new idea that I have a big vision for , so right now I'm just looking for key people to work with who could participate actively and be pretty dedicated to the vision of the clan. If you think this sounds interesting and like to hear more details(as there are many) please contact me through here or even add me on warframe: Zoahx

Despite my serious tone and pitch, this is still just a clan for fun and not too crazy, just think of it as a hobby you would enjoy putting real time in :)

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