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Seith The Symbiote


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Yay Another Synbiote Character Suggestion!

This guy is called Seith (or anything else really) and basically he's just a shell (think of Venom) who attaches himself to a host. Seith in his shell form is fragile and powerless. He has only one ability to start with called Bonding ... his other skills are unlocked and vary depending on the bonded faction (I.E Grineer, Corpus, and Infested ) and can only be bonded with "lesser" enemies.

  • Health: 100
  • Shields:100
  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 100
  • Movement Speed: 1.00

Passive: Weakened Detection-

Seith is harder to detect due to his lack of presence and unbound Seith is extremely fragile, his base stats are increased based in his host but as he binds he become more of a hostile presence and detection is higher.

  • Grineer (Health 400, Shields 150, Armor 300, Energy 100, M.Speed 1.00)
  • Corpus (Health 150, Shields 600, Armor 100, Energy 300, M.Speed 1.50)
  • Infested (Health 800, Shields 100, Armor, 100, Energy 150, M.Speed 2.50)

First: Bonding/Detachment-  (Effected by Range, Duration) Energy Cost 25.

Upon casting Seith lunges at his host (effected by range) and bonds upon collision, and the host cannot die unless Seith is downed or it is consumed. Casting again will cause Seith to consume his host and detach to look for another one. Consuming will boost his health by 500 for 10 seconds, and recover 100 energy. This ability is effected by duration, when the duration runs out Seith will automatically consume his host. I'm thinking a minimum of 3 minute and max of 5 minute of duration.

This is where confusion ensues, his kit gets very tricky because i want it to feed off of an enemy units kit and would require a whole lot of typing and explanation, so i'll be limiting abilities here and tying them to specific attacks.


Second: ---

  • Cloak: (Grineer Manic): (Effected by Duration) Energy Cost 25.
    • Copying the Manics ability to go invisible, single cast, low duration. Like Ivara, attacking takes you out of stealth but quickly returns you, and running does not.
  • Shockwave: (Corpus Shock Moa): (Effected by Range, Efficiency) Energy Cost 50.
    • This ability mimics the Moas shockwave in that it can  knock enemies ways/down for a short time.
  • Spray: (Nauseous Crawler): (Effected by Range, Duration) Energy Cost 25.
    • Mimicing the yellow fluid the nauseous spews to stun units. The player upon cast will spew fluid at all enemies within range of 180 degrees.

Third: ---

  • Scatter: (Grineer Seeker): (Effected by Strength, Duration) Energy Cost 75.
    • Copying the Grineer Seekers ability to throw down Latchers (those little annoying round balls), summon amount scales off of strength up to 15 units, they act the same way (same AI) just targeting enemies instead of you, they can stagger and deal small amounts of damage and effected by strength. They last a short time effected by duration.
  • Minefield: (Corpus Osprey): (Effected by Strength, Duration) Energy Cost 100.
    • This ability summons miniature Mine Ospreys that circle the player, these do not attack but drop Energy Grenades to mimic the Ospreys ability. Enemies that run over these will receive blast damage that is affected by Strength, the Ospreys stay alive until destroyed or until duration runs out.
  • Toxic Cloud: (Infested Osprey): (Effected by Range, Duration) Energy Cost 50.
    • This ability mimics that toxic cloud we all hate. On cast it will create a toxic cloud that deals toxin damage over time, effected by Strength and lasts a small duration.


  • Armor Mutation (Grineer Commander Eximus): (effected by Efficiency) Energy Cost 100.
    • This ability mutates the host to mimic stronger Grineer units, this would increase armor rating into that of Alloy or Ferrite. This ability is cannot be effected by Strenth, only Efficiency. It will drain Energy /second. Casting again can cancel it's channeling or running out of energy. (Energy Drain TBD)
  • Shield Mutation: (Corpus Nullifier): (Effected by Strength) Energy Cost 150.
    • This ability mimics the Nullifier but changes it's properties, since nullifiering enemies doesn't make much sense, Seith mutates the shield to reduce damage of incoming projectiles, and exactly like the way we can deplete a nullifiers shield it will shrink and become null after taking enough abuse. This ability scales off of Strength similar to Iron Skin or Wardng Halo, just large enough to encompass allies.
  • Damage Distruption: (Ancient Healer + Disruptor): (Effected by Range, Efficiency, Strength)
    • This ability works in two ways, allies within 15 meters have increased Damage Reduction not amplified by Range but effected by Strength ... and allies receive a healing pulse effected by Range and Strength. Healing pulse rate is effected with negative Duration. This ability costs Energy /second.


Q&A: I'll be preemptively answering some forgotten information and other tid-bits.

Feel free to inquire on sections of his abilities and add to in any way you please. Hope it was worth the read ... i know i had fun typing it and apologies for any grammar mistakes.

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The only thing I think might need some readjustment are the movement speeds. A frame can already be very difficult to control at 1.75 movement speed. Another .75 for a total of 2.5 may make for some really serious difficulty. I'd keep it within the 1.5 speed just to account for mods.


P.S. This idea has given me an idea for a frame. Forgive me for sort of ripping your idea off here, but I am struck with the concept of a parasitic frame.

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