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Some QoL suggestions


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1.  In Maroo's Bazaar, make a radius around Maroo, some 5 meters or so, in which other players cannot be interacted with.  People constantly get in front of her, making you accidentally open a trade with them - then they get salty when you close it right away.  This shouldn't even be a thing.

2. Allow us to donate Gems and Sentient Cores by holding the button... currently I have to mash the button 10,000 times to donate everything 1 by 1.  

3. Let us research multiple Pigments at once.  I'm not even sure why this isn't a thing - everything else in the Dojo you can "stack" research, i.e. I can research every single thing in any of the labs all at the same time - but with pigments there is a time gate which can be frustrating - I.e. the newer Plains Pigments.  It wouldn't be nearly as painful of a grind if I could get the Condroc and Vomvalysts pigments at the same time - it would still take a long enough time, but would lower the frustration on our end.  As somebody with Ostrom 5 and no reason to visit PoE normally, it's painful as hell to have to keep returning for pigments of all things.

4. Let elemental mode order determine the combinations.  I.e. currently it's impossible to have Radiation and Magnetic because the electric will always combine into the first element created.  If we put down: Fire, Electric, Ice, Electric in that order it should make both imo, but the last electric always combine to the first.  This lowers potential combos, which imo wouldn't even be broken.  Currently only 3 combinations of combined elements exist... this is limiting.  

5.Allow us to filter messages from NPCs in the inbox.  It's been almost a year.  I don't care about Ghouls.  I don't need a message to tell me where Baro is.  I don't need to know the Ghouls have been vanquished - and I don't need my 500th Razorback Cipher.   Do other players?  Absolutely... so why not let us filter what mail we want the same way we would a real life email?  I don't like when the game forcibly pulls up the inbox to tell me this stuff, personally.  It feels like being nagged in a sense.  

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29 minutes ago, (PS4)lagrue said:

This lowers potential combos, which imo wouldn't even be broken. 

This is an explicit design choice and your opinion is irrelevant. They don't want rainbow builds.

Elementals do combine in the order they are used, multiple of the same element just boost the first use of that element.

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