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hay please dont be angry with me but i jest wanted to give a heads up wile we wate for fortuna (blizzard did something sneaky)


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DO YOU KNOW BLIZZARD GAVE OUT DESTINY 2 FOR FREE FOR NO REASON TILL THE 18 SO TILL FORTUNA DROPS WE CAN JEST SEE WHAT WE ARE MISSING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CANT AFFORD DESTINY jest saying ITS FREE TO PLAY ONCE YOU LOGIN TO BLIZZARD AND CLAM IT WE CAN GIVE DE A LITTLE BREATHER WITH A so called """"""""" triple a """""""""" bllaaa sdsdsdsd S#&$ sorry game """"""AAA""""" it has 3 a's its sopost to be good i think i dont know ^^ ( >,> ) it somthing to do (>.>) dont know if i will download it tho jest helping out a brother RELEASE THE TUNA PLEASE I DONT WANT TO SETTLE FOR THIS SECOND HAND GARBAGE FROM BLIZZARD but i am going to pretend it was releaced by de cause thay ent nothing i have not seen in warframe FORM your own opinion of the game 

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