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Lex Prime's changed to a self loading pistol


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I have recently noticed a new reload animation on the Lex Prime where instead of pulling back the slide manually as before it goes back into position on its own

This makes it look like a self loading pistol (is that the correct term?) and it feels as if someone's been tampering with the equipment


My question is when and why did DE feel a need to change the animation in the first place? I loved that little detail...


Can't get footage of the new reload myself, but here's video evidence of the old and removed reload: 


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2 hours ago, Weedy_Wanker said:

(is that the correct term?)

you're correct in that the Lex is a self loading pistol (the action cycles the weapon without you having to do it manually), but there's many ways to reload them. some of the earlier real life ones like the C96 Mauser and Steyr Hahn 1912 were fed using stripper clips instead of magazines. sometimes games depict reloads where the slide locks back when empty and you press the slide release to shove it forward, sometimes the slide goes back to the forward position on an empty mag and you have to pull it back and then let it go forward to reload (as seen in the vid). it depends on the gun a lot of times, and I can't say as I've notice a change in the Lex's animation.


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