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Forums won't stop labeling me as a PC member...


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This is starting to get on my nerves to no end.  The forums keep switching my status to PC Member despite the fact I am a PS4 player and my name says PS4 before it... they obviously know I'm a PS4 player.. but if you look under my picture icon it says PC Member.  I use the forums on the PC - that doesn't mean I'm a PC member,

This prevents me from posting bugs in the appropriate PS4 section.  I cannot post as "PC Member" since the post button is hidden for Xbox and PC members.   I don't want to have to contact support every single day to fix this.

Support literally just fixed this for me YESTERDAY - and already it's been reverted.  This is driving me wild DE, fix it.  This has been going on for months - ever since you decided to split up the console areas into respective categories.  3 months now I can't make bug reports.  

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Well when even the forum of the game say glorious to pc master race... what rest to theses poor peasants consoles..

Memes appart yea it's a serious problems DE need to fix and it's just stupid your role get aways in one day

The worst is you don't have the autority of no camps ... it's just stupid

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