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Losing rewards on arbitrations


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On a 30 minutes arbitration, at minute 10 a guy died, but me and the other 2 where well geared and stayed for 30, no problems neither of us 3 died, we began extraction at 30, but when the extraction timer reached 0, we got a host change screen, after the host change we got sent to our orbiters wiith a empty rewards screen, but mission success, it is not very encouraging at all to spend 30 minutes for rewards which are not very good in the first place. and losing them for no reasonnDSXC2Y.jpg

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Reason is the host migration and it also makes you lose all rewards if it happens during the time you should get a reward. Here is screenshot of rewards screen in recent game where host died and left around 9min 45s and I joined back (after host migration) around 10min 05s. Thanks to that I lost A-rot rewards (Vitus essence included).



Edit: It seems that non host players missions stats like kills/damage reset during host migration.

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