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[PC]R10 Highly Decorated Ghost Clan Athene Recruiting


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All Research Complete, lots of  rooms decorated. I'm an active member of the Ikeaframe discord, where a lot of dojo decorators share their works, thoughts, and ideas, and my clan Athene is a member of the alliance associated with that discord, Space Builders, Inc.

I'm in need of people to help me fund more decoration projects. Gallium in particular is a pain for me, as I've used thousands and exhausted mine and my clan's only other funder's supply, and need thousands more. If you got an abundance of resources you're not using, and you like my artwork, I will put your resources to good use. Other than that, clan is mostly quiet. We got one member who actively does tridolon runs, the rest rarely speak.

here's a list of my works.

And several other projects I haven't posted topics about.

What I'm currently working on is a scene where an elder god has been summoned and is attacking an ice castle on a mountain. The Ice castle is modeled after the Disney castle, the mountain after the mountain in the movie Young Frankenstein that has a castle sitting on top of it. It's still got a ways to go before being complete. and requires a great deal more gallium than my tiny clan currently has in its coffers.


This is part of my Halloween project line up. I also have a Sea of Blood project which I'll work on after this one, and I have another hallway to spookify, and a small zen garden I haven't decided exactly what to do with for the Halloween lineup, thinking either mad science lab, scarecrow, or something.

I've got enough projects planned to keep me busy for a year. An eldritch monstrum from orokin parts, A creepy angel, a jeweled peacock, Yggdrisil and the 9 realms, Several rooms for the Egyptian Pantheon, considering doing the Greek Pantheon, plan on doing the Parthenon, at least one more elder god, Whoville or the nightmare before christmas scene, 3 scenes from the movie The 5th Element, a Demon summon in an old orokin hall, a hall fill with giant dinosaurs like the stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Ankylosaurus, possibly moving my Rapture City to an inspiration hall so I can give it more detail and depth, and several other things I can't remember off the top of my head.

Much obliged,

Thank you


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