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Pistol riven mod cannot be opened.


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I opened pas weeks several of thoses riven with same mission but less NPC to kill. From my memory, i did one with 14, one with 7 and one with 19 without any issue.

But this one i got today from sortie seems totally bugged. Kills are not registred if i do more than 5 in a row, then cannot register for several kills. Kills are not registered as soon as you're too high too low or to far from target, the cannot register anymore.

As said opened several without getting any issue but this one seems broken.

here a vid to show what happen:


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I use to do it with nova. when it can not to count more than 30 kills in a row, here is the issue.

Loki was used on purpose to get the bug recorded as it can stand on walls more than any other frames.

I finally managed to unveil it. it took me about 54 kills in a row to get 20 registred...

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