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Boss Drops Error: Logic Not Found!


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Here you are, sticking your Hek in Hek's fat grineer a♥♥. He is dying fast, but painfully. When his warm corpse falls on the floor, pink orb appears. Good for you, it's Trinity Helmet BP! Wait, what?

How the hell Trinity linked to corrupted politician? Makes sense? No.


Still, every assasination mission is about killing somewhat-higher-than-average mook. And it would make sense to let them drop not a BP, but some intel.


It should contain information about secret bases, hidden ships in asteroid fields, caravans and, rarely, information about void. I suggest that some things will be a component for craft (Classical decypher + intel system except for part that decypher should be something common and, preferably, credit-purchaseable), while some of them is already key-like items. These new locations should provide good rewards, including these warframe parts BP. It would make some sense at least.


Second suggestion is to nerf void credits rewards and give part of it to Defense maps. Seriously, you are wasting a lot of time and main reward — chance to get a void key? Does not make sense, although not as much as all these credits in voids.

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Dropping info would create the same issue as a mystery alert... as soon as one person completes the alert, everyone is told the secret. 


A suggested alternative would be dropping keys to other "secret" maps, lore collectibles (like little stories), and, as you mentioned, just things in addition to drops that connect the game a little more.


I agree that there needs to be some adjusting done as to how certain items are dropped by certain bosses. The best connection so far is the Seer drop... he uses the gun, makes sense he would drop it upon death.

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