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more control over kubrows abilities


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From the first time i had my first kubro, i wondered, why cant we control when its ability is used? why is it randomized?i mean i know that the console players have limited "hotkeys" but still, does it really have to be that simple?

even tho i know this wont reach the developpers, or theyll just ignore it and keep going, im just writing this to stop the voices that tells me "this can be so much better".

anyways, to start off, why cant we control the kubros abilities with our warframe movements? for an example, why cant we chose when SAHASA dig for loot?


     1- [dig] :i mean we can just look at it while being stationary for a sec then crouch, after that a cooldown in the UI shows

     2-[ferocity]: we can just double click on "W" to move forward while aiming at an enemy, and that enemy will have a Mark over its head telling us that yr kubro will use its finisher on that enemy next.

that was my first kubro, now for the others:


     1-[howl]: double click on "S" to step backward while aiming at an enemy will activate this ability, after that a cooldown in the UI shows.

     2-[protect]: this should stay automatic as it kinda should be.


     1-[hunt]: just like [ferocity] a double click on "W" while aiming at an enemy.

     2-[Stalk]: while looking at an enemy for a second without being detected, crouch.


     1-[SAVAGERY]: just like [FEROCITY].

     2-[unleashed]: just like [stalk] but being detected doesn't matter.


     1-[neutralize]: same with [ferocity] but with a different mark.

     2-[retrieve]: should be automatic.

F:Helminth Charger

     1-[Proboscis]: just like [unleashed] as in ground the enemy.

     2-[trample]: just like [ferocity] as in charge.

that's all folks, even tho i'm pretty sure this wont change anything, ill just gonna put it here so that DE wont say "we don't know how to make it better" and no its not hard for us to play like that, controlling khoras cat isn't hard, looking at it going randomly in the other hand[before i got changed] was pretty hard.

PS: this is my opinion on how to make playing with kubros better, if you have yr opinion on this matter, don't change what i have written, just write it in the comments.

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