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What mods and other stuff can you only get from players that have it right now?



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  • Primed Chamber.
  • Rivens for the Atrax (Taxon sentinel weapon).
  • Acolyte mods are available trought a limited time window about twice a year.
  • Founder pack (Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime and Lato Prime). Can't even trade.
  • You can't get vaulted warframes and weapons, unless you are lucky enough to join a squad with someone that still have vaulted relics. Technicly speaking, you can't get these items because you can't get the relics, but if you have the relics you can get the items.
  • Any glyph of a prime warframe which doesn't have it's prime access active, including cosmetics of that prime access.
  • Ignis Wraith, but you can get it if you join a clan who was lucky enough to have it in their dojo research.
  • Most event weapons and BP's can be obtained at one point by Baro, with the exeption of the Plague Zaw parts which are tied to the Plague Star event. This event seems to return every few months so it's obtainable but not always.
  • Arcane Helmets.
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