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Lag Whenever Attack is Preformed


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On 2018-11-03 at 10:49 AM, TwilightHunter2 said:

I don't now how to explain this but when even I seem to attack of shoot there is a sever decrease in fps but using abilities and moving around works just fine. IVe changed the settings around to see if that would help but that did not seem to help the issue. Please help

Same problem here, I'm on a strict NAT as well if that helps

reinstalled game, problem still exists.  Also tried on a diff network with no strict NAT and problem still exists. 


FIXED!!! Turns out the game wasnt running off of the GPU. im on a laptop and it was running off the intel chip, not my nvidia 1050 ti.  I uninstalled all drivers and the geforce experience, only reinstalled the geforce experience app without updating the drivers and now everything works. 

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I'm having the same problem. The game runs smoothly (300fps+ if I uncap it) but each time I perform a melee attack or shoot the game causes a huge lag/freeze. I've tried everything I can think of: reinstalling the drivers, reverifying the cache, reinstalling the game, setting the game on low or different resolutions... Keep having the same problem.

I've seen the same problem posted several times over here but there's not a single thread with a solution, neither official or from the community.


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