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Game crashes upon login


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Like the title says, yesterday i played without issues and today i try to log in and the game crashes instantly without any error message popping up.

I tried both the verifying cache and optimizing features but it still crashes.

Anyone else getting this?

Edit: Solution! sort off...

So i managed to find out what causes the problem, its the 64-Bit Mode which can be disabled in the Launcher settings. Once i disabled that the game logs in just fine.

Very weird tho since i haven't changed anything within these settings for years. It is most likely a bug of some sort which came with one of the latest patches. I hope DE will fix this soon as it is not recommended to turn 64 bit mode off.

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So i rebooted my PC yesterday and managed to log in after the reboot. Today however i get the same issue again.

I can (probably) work around the problem by just rebooting my PC again however if this is a consistent issue then it really gets annoying fast.

And i'am pretty sure its not my PC cause i have played Warframe with my current setup for a year or two now without any login issues.

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So i have the support team looking into this as well so far any of their suggestions haven't worked.

I have tried:

- Reinstalling Warframe

- Deleting my profile folder

- Finding any and all Razer related software and removing it

- Disabling Discord overlay

- Disabling various background processes such as Discord, Logitech, Origin etc.

- Verifying Cache and Optimizing game files

- Updated Discord and nVidia Drivers

- Rebooting my PC


The strange thing is that this issue happend very spontaneous, nothing out of the ordinary changed on my PC and suddenly the game won't get passed the login screen. It just goes straight back to desktop right before i can select my login reward. This is very frustrating because i really want to play 4 Tuna. 😞

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