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Weapons And Warframe....a Solution.


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With the advent of Strun Wraith to the roster albeit a limited drop, it goes to show that the Dev's can make great weapons at a moments notice, but it does mean that some weapons become redudant or obsolete...especially later in-game. Sure, all weapons can be powerfull in the hands of a skillful player, but it was a sad day when I swapped my Aklatos for my Vipers because the Aklatos just weren't getting the job done....same as the Vipers starting to struggle against the lvl 70+ mobs out there....there just aren't enough weapon growth to go around and to give a reward like the Wraith is not making the problem go away...it just means some lucky noob managed to join a group that managed to go past 20 mins, and now has one of the highest base damage weapons in the game...Maybe it's XP locked, I don't know, I'm at lvl 5 finally so its working fine for me...but wait im drifting of topic.


I still feel that creating new weapons isn't neccesarily the answer to the problem. Various people would like to play with various weapons and playing styles...I don't want my weapon options dictating to me how I should play this game which I really enjoy. I prupose the following.


In a previous Livestream, it was mentioned about a TIER system....some weapons in a tier and then you progress to a next tier with other weapons etc etc. This is a good idea, but not a great idea and you still sit with basically the same problem.


Rather do this:  Make a starter version of each weapon with starting stats and X-amount of mod space. Like a Tier 1 version. When you reach lvl 30 with it, you can take it to the dojo to your new armoury section, where you pay a fee or extra resources and thus upgrade that weapon to a Tier 2 weapon. Tier 2 has a lvl cap increase from 30 - 40 and you lvl it again from lvl 1 - 40, from 30 - 40 you again get some mastery rank points...this is important why? The ability to use higher Tiered weapons is connected to your mastery level...this is not a new concept, but now mastery rank has a better purpose.

Not only does your next Tier weapon have a increase in base stats, it also gives you an extra mod slot. This can either be a primary slot like the current mod slots, or a secondary mod slot, which also take mods like the primary, but the stats are slightly weaker than the primary...it gives you the option to use those mods you cant fit into your build, but more as a vanity item, because it would be nice to have a bit more zoom, but you don't really need it...or a bit faster reload, or maybe a secondary elemental mod, because it looks cool on melee weapons. 


And here i will use the AkLatos as an example: (YES...my stats are fictional...at a max lvl example) 


Tier 1: AkLato (Lvl 30)

Mastery Level: 1 - 2

BaseDamage: 12

Clip size: 8

Acc: 14

Mod points: 30

Mod Space:4


Tier 2: Aklato (Lvl 40)

M.L: 3 - 4

B.D: 20


Acc: 16

M.P: 40

M.S: 8


Tier 3: Aklato (Lvl 50)

M.L: 5 - 6

B.D: 30

C.S: 8

Acc: 18

M.P: 50

M.S: 8 + 2 secondary


Tier 4: Aklato (lvl 60)

M.L: 7 - 9

B.D: 40

C.S: 8

Acc: 20

M.S: 8 + 4 secondary


Tier 5: AkLato Prime (lvl ...does it matter at this point?)

M.L: 10

B.D: 50

C.S: 8

Acc: 25

M.S: 8 + 6 secondary


PRIME at LEVEL 10 ONLY...are you insane?


We know we all want primes...why wouldn't you, but it is sad when you would rather have a new weapon, because it is better than the prime, or you have become fed up with doing tower runs with the off chance that you might get a print or a piece of a thing that you probably wont find any time soon...only to replace it with something new when it gets added as content.


What Strun Wraith has now confirmed is that it is easy to change a color scheme and slap on some new stats and then calling it a new weapon or a special addition. With the Tier system you can do exactly that...change the color scheme for each Tier...which will be changed by the player 2 mins after he gets it...but use the same model and animation with new stats...just like with the Wraith. Making a prime version the reward for when you reach mastery lvl 10 is one hell of a incentive to keep playing, because you know why you are doing the leg work for a weapon you love playing with and suits the players' style and thus that frame and weapon will be a viable choice for end-game purposes...or reaching lvl 400+ mobs.


But...what to do with all those mod points....What would you do with a potatoed Prime Barrieros, with more than a 100 mod points....well, that's easy. Remove the level cap on certain mods and icrease the mod cost. If i can put in the time, effort, credits and redundant mods lying around too good use, why cant i push my serration mod to do 500% + base damage....it immediately adresses the armor scaling problem of higher lvl enemies because my base damage output makes it possible for me to do a crapload more dps. But please, by all means balance it...but at least it is an option.


The greatest thing about RPG's is that you feel like the most bad-assed bastard around, when I join a group and see a guy with a prime weapon, i want to be as frightened of that guy as I am of the monster rushing me from behind. because i will know that he has pushed the levels of what his frame and weapon can do. It also inspires awe and a drive to keep going untill I reach my prime status.


You know it is rediculous seeing people in WOW doing hundreds of thousands of damage...it makes no sense whatsoever.....BUT IT IS FUN. To know you are bringing the biggest gun to the table...think of the possibilities of your favourite weapon.

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Daamn... Long thread bro.

Anyway, I see you want good thing.

And you're thinking is good.

But you're missing small detail that's cause of current imbalance.

Its imbalance.

We can keep current system, or change to

Your system.

Or change to skin only customization system

Or change to any other system of weaponry...

And it does not matter, how you will be able to build these weapons, how you squire them... It does not matter how they improve mods/armor/lvl scalping...

If there is imbalance, there will be imbalance

Untill someone will balance this stuff...

Simple right? Glad I could make it more complex:)

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