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Sound does not always return to normal after breaking and fixing Corpus windows


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I've noticed this several times now over the past week or two, while running my daily syndicate alerts, and it's starting to get quite annoying. In Corpus missions, there are often breakable windows. When they break, the mission will go into lockdown, a "whooshing" sound will play, and the sound effects in general will go muffled. This is of course normal and intentional. However, when I hack the terminal to bring the mission back to normal, the sound doesn't always go back to normal. Basically, any of the following three things will happen:

1. The sound might go back to normal, as it should.

2. The sound will not change at all, and will stay muffled permanently throughout the entire mission.

3. The sound effects return to normal, but the background music is permanently gone throughout the entire mission.

I'm not entirely sure what causes this issue, but I suspect it might be due to hacking the terminal too quickly. Because of how the Corpus windows are already a time waster, I've recently taken to using ciphers to speed up the recovery. I also typically know where the terminals are in the maps. This means that as soon as a window breaks, I can often immediately jump on a terminal and instantly hack it with a cipher. It's possible that doing this too quickly might be causing the issue.

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