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Dojo room destruction


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I have 1 issue with the new dojo and decoration that the halls are dependent from each other.

I would like to move some of our current dojo tiles but to do that I have to destroy the higher tier halls basically I have to remove 2 entire floor with all the decorations already placed in them to move just one hall to a different position.

Can we get an update so that the rooms are not dependent on an other to destroy?
(the build restrictions can stay)

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Personally I like the model. It forces you to build with intention and purpose with each addition. 

Its a lesson like the chinese proverb:

Start digging a well only when feeling thirsty

Which is to say, failing to plan is planning to fail. I myself had to tear down 30+ rooms/hallways to rebuild our dojo from the ground up. I know the pain and loss of investment in decorated rooms, but since then our dojo has never looked better and I have everything build with only 6 hallways so it’s a lot more efficient on capacity and energy.


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