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Gara's Passive (Glint) tweak


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Hello fellow Tenno,

To be up front before anyone reading this gets offended or misunderstands what I am saying; Gara is one of my favorite frames, and I am just suggesting that a small (but crucial) change to her passive (Glint). And yes, I know there are frames out there who are in need of full passive and/or abilities overhauls, but this one should only take very little time for a coder to implement.

I know that there was a post last year:


However, this is not about theme or being a copy of other abilities in the game.


"Standing in bright light, Gara has a chance to blind enemies within 12 meters for 10 seconds and expose them to Melee Finisher attacks." (Wiki)

This skill is very powerful in many ways and makes some of the other frames' passives look like a joke, but... there is one problem... ever run with an Excalibur that would not stop using Radial Blind? Like your trying to use spin attacks and your character keeps trying to do long finishers (effective for killing one target) when you really wanted to drop a group, or may be you are using AOE skills/weapons and this Radial Blind keeps the mob spaced out and not moving. At least for Excalibur, Mirage, Inaros, and Vaykor sydon... the other blinders... they have 100% control over when and where it happens. Gara on the other hand, has only one thing to go off from and that is a chance of trigger when she is in a "bright light" area... that is not much control. Many maps are out side in full bright light and this is going on none stop. I would be fine with this, if it was only myself being affected by this problem. Clearly, this is a party problem too though. The only other frames that come to mind that have an RNG passive problem anything close to this, would have to be Hydroid and Frost. The big difference here is that Gara's Glint can be both a gift at times and a curse.

All I am suggesting for a tweak to the skill, is to have under her abilities tab on the orbiter a check box next to her passive that can be deselected if player desires. In other words, Turn her passive off completely. They gave Octavia the ability to turn her own music off, why not Gara for her Glint?

As Always, I am open to constructive feed back.



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I have run with Arctic several times now in duo to see how far we can push defense and survival before having to pull out.  We also do alot of farming.  Big problem is this passive works nice in solo play but in group where the targets are stripped of armor and pulled together with Khora you end up breaking from the spin attacks to sit and perform finishers. This has also caused issues when using ranged weapons where npcs are blind and open to finisher but still running around , if they get close you go to finisher attack losing temp control of warframe.  This does not sound game breaking, but if your doing defense with a chance for Ambulas to spawn, you will get frustrated how many times you wipe  because you get stuck in finisher animation and gunned down.

I would most defiantly support having an option for turning off this passive by user choice.  As it stands, we are using frost/khora now for our endurance runs as Gara can cause uncontrolled loss of your frame resulting in death.

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