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A Chroma Prime (not Eidolon-hunting related) Build?



Let's say that im still very new to the game.

Have played for some weeks now (a month in total) ,and probably the thing that brought me to Warframe in the firts place was an image i found on google of Chroma Prime.

And since i started playing i wanted to get my hands on Chroma Prime while learning about basic stuff of the game, i kind of have an idea of how this game works and when i finally got that precious Chroma Prime in my hands i was happy and jumped on just focusing in Chroma only, thinking and planning my build for him, until i learned after watching and reading different sorts of guides and builds that Chroma is pretty much only suitable for Eidolon hunting, i would not have a problem with this, if only my computer wasn't garbage. My pc can hardly load Cetus with tons of lag and let's not talk about plans of eidolon, a total lag festival.

And i don't want to just level up Chroma Prime and leave him there as a once dreamed character that only suits a very specific thing that my computer cannot even load. So i came to you guys asking if there is any good Chroma Prime build that is not Eidolon-related, i accept any build you guys have (more specifically a solo build) i just want to have fun while playing him but at the same time actually being able to do something. 

Platinum and formas are not a limit. 

Thanks yall.

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