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Gear shifting slots when out of item, gear hotkey 7 use item on "Slot 6"


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1. Options, Customize key bindings, assign gear hotkey 6, 7, and so on. Have more then 12 items in gear.

2. Use up everything on slot 6 (Kinetic Siphon Trap)

3. End mission (or return to cetus) and start a new mission (or enter plains). Gear items 7-12 appear to shift over. Archwing Launcher that was on slot 7, now appears to show "Slot 6"

4. Press a button for gear hotkey 6, nothing happens.

5. Press a button for gear hotkey 7, game uses Archwing Launcher, which the game shows as "Slot 6".

6. Purchase or build more of what was ran out of. (Kinetic Siphon Trap)

7. Arsenal, gear, back and exit menu without changes. Gear item comes back and shifts over back to what it was.


This did not happen before the changes to gear wheel. Back then, all items stays where they were. Now, gear items are shifting back and forth, causing confusion with gear hotkey and the displayed slot number. Probably the game really should not shift items just for running out of something. Sometimes I don't know what I ran out of when the game just do not show up at all.

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