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[Warframe Concept] Lysis, the Remnant


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What’s good, fellow Tenno?

I’ve had this concept knocking around my skull for a few days now, so I figured I’d write it down and actually develop it.

I am pathologically unable to write without also providing some form of color commentary, so for the sake of streamlined reading it’ll be hidden under spoiler tags, like so:



Fuuuck me, this post took way longer to format than I expected

Feel free to skip them, but it might provide a bit of reasoning that the crunch sections might not.

My art skills are not in the area of concept art (Damnit, I’m a silversmith, not an illustrator!), so I hope my words will do the job.

The numbers provided are estimates and may change based on feedback, but I tried to keep my concept in line with other Warframes and their abilities in terms of duration, damage, range, etc.

Without further ado, I present…


Lysis, the Remnant



Lysis, the Trespasser, the Guardian

Lysis lurks unseen in the husks of ships and ruins of settlements, an unpurgeable remnant of the Infestation. Use his specialized skillset to predate the enemies.


If Nidus is the Infestation’s threat of overrunning growth, Lysis is the threat of enduring invasion, an unseen horror that haunts the halls, walls and vents, defending a final, unassailable bastion of the disease, targeting weakness and picking off aggressors to provide biomass for an eventual resurgence.


The Xenomorph to Nidus' Necromorph, in a sense, less spreading disease and more engineered predator

Theme and visuals

Going in hand with the Nidus-counterpart thematic, if Nidus is all about the fleshy parts of the Infestation, and his role is to act as a mobile hive, Lysis has to be the hard edges and carapaces of the disease (drawing somewhat on the Juggernaut aesthetic, hard, jagged grey plates with bright red flesh where plates meet one another and on joints), meant to operate alone and soften up the enemies for a resurgence of the Infestation, a talon prying armour to expose flesh.

Visual description

At its core, a very geometrical creature.

Square-ish head, rounded edges, the sides and back fairly parallel, the front sloping from a jutting jaw to the forehead. Face is covered by two large armor plates, with a slender, diagonal gap between them that exposes the flesh underneath. The broken edges of carapace at the chin and jawline create the illusion of a row of fangs. A neck that thickens as it goes into the shoulders, with armor that sweeps back in edges towards the shoulder plates.

A roughly triangular, tiered, segmented torso, wide chest and shoulders into a smaller chest into a thin waist that flares out slightly for the hips. Plates meet irregularly all over his trunk, exposing a twisted Y of glowing tissue that starts at the right hip, snakes towards the chest, and splits close to his heart, heading up to where his neck meets his shoulders. In the back, the seams between plates create a ridge over his spine.

Upperarms are slender, forearms are armored and bulkier, ending in spikes around the wrists that flare forward and to the sides. Hands and fingers are long, and sharp, except for the blunt index fingers, to allow the use of triggers.

Legs are the inverse, locust-like, thicker thighs that go into skeletal calves into wide feet with razor digits.

Exposed flesh glows at every joint.


Lysis is an opportunist, an insect-like predator that embodies absolute stillness until it is time to strike, marking and weakening targets before descending into their midst to ravage them at close range.

Ideal usage example

(read before abilities to get a preview, or after for clarification)


Find and attach to a good vantage point with Slither, and start stacking Encroachment.

Activate Stalk and exhaust all marks on an enemy squad.

Contaminate the toughest enemy in the group, and kill them with a gunshot, spreading both the original debuff and the followup.

Slither into the group, and Cull, thereby dealing damage with both the targeted and spreading darts.

Mop up any survivors in melee with the Fever buff.



Health: 150 (450 at rank 30)

Shield: 50 (150 at rank 30)

Armor: 150

Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.15



Statline is closer to a pseudo-tank like Nezha than a caster like Loki, giving Lysis enough armor and health to survive a surprise burst of damage without allowing him to tank things freely. Those armor plates aren’t for show, but they aren’t suited for concentrated fire either!

He’s meant for either swift engagements, striking and retreating, or long-ranged combat, where a glancing hit or two are the most of his worries.


Passive: Encroachment/Fever


When still, Lysis gains additional damage. Movement or melee converts the buff into a close quarters frenzy.


When remaining still, Lysis gains an Encroachment stack per second, gaining 5% total outgoing damage per stack (IE Primaries, secondaries, melee and Cull), up to a 5 stack (25% damage) cap.

After moving or performing a Melee attack, the stacks are consumed to grant the Fever buff, giving him increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed (25%), for 2 seconds per stack consumed. Being CC’d removes the stacks without granting the Fever buff, but falling does not count as movement.

No stacks are generated while Fever is active.




It may be obvious, but his passive is almost entirely blue-sky thinking. It’s…  too elaborate, but also too simple?

Useful passives in Warframes are few and far in between…

*cough* autoimmolationforenergy/floatyfloat/LATCHHARDER*cough*

…and passives that are actually core to gameplay are not really a thing, barring Khora and Limbo.

Encroachment/Fever is meant to neatly represent Lysis’ central theme, not so much duality but a transition from deadly ranged stillness to frenzied close quarters combat, something that I hope is present in the interactions between his other abilities, which encourage bursts of movement and up-close-and-personal aggression broken up by renewing debuffs and gunplay.

The damage portion should be a meaningful bit of extra DPS, while the AS side intentionally lags behind abilities like Warcry and Speed, as well as Arcane Strike, to make up for the fact that it can be accessed freely.

Animation notes


The glowing flesh between armor plates dims with every Encroachment stack until it’s only a few tones from grey.

When Fever is triggered, the flesh flares and dims like a heartbeat, returning to the full color once the buff expires. (Minor epilepsy concerns here).


First Ability – Slither


Lysis lunges forward, speeding towards the targeted area and disrupting the enemy assault for a short period of time.


Can target ground/vertical terrain, moves in straight line to location.

If vertical terrain allows for wall latching, attaches to it for duration, allowing for all actions possible during regular latch (jump to end prematurely), otherwise it’ll move up to targeted area and then downwards, attempting to land on terrain.

Has no collision and draws no enemy attention/aggro while moving and for a short duration after arriving, but doesn’t affect Corpus cameras, laser grids, Grineer sensors, Infested obstacles or any environmental hazard. Does not count as movement, so any Encroachment stacks will remain, and if not at the cap more may be gained during travel time/custom latch.

Has synergy with Stalk, enemies that come in contact with Lysis while travelling or are around his landing area will be tagged, consuming any available marks.


Cost: 25 Energy.

Strength: N/A

Range: 20/30/40/50m. Landing zone Stalk application: 5m.

Duration: Custom latch: 5/10/15/20s. Disruption period: 1/2/3/4s.

Power Modifiers

Range is self-explanatory, Stalk synergy range is fixed.

Duration affects wall latch, aggro-less period is fixed.

Travel speed is fixed (Distance*Range/s, always completes max range in 1s).




Obligatory non-damage 1, turned into utility/mobility because by God I wish all Frames had at least a piece of strong utility, and because movement abilities rock.

You are not invulnerable during Slither, so while the movement will complete regardless of damage taken, attempting to path through AoE attacks, environmental hazards or concentrated enemy fire might end with you being dumped at the landing zone in bleed-out status, so aim wisely. Additionally, the downward movement when aimed at non-latchable surfaces does not differentiate between solid ground and pits, so you’re responsible for your own damn safe landing.

Range is better than Rhino Charge, Tidal Surge or Reave, given that Slither doesn’t grant invulnerability, but it’s worse than Switch Teleport, Teleport or Ripline, all of which are more conditional in their casting.

Limiting the targeting to the ground and vertical surfaces also prevents the ability from stepping on Tail Wind’s toes.

Animation notes


Lysis compresses his flesh and draws his armour plates into a worm-like shape, and then fires into the target direction, unfolding on arrival. During the custom latch, Lysis instead impacts the target surface and spreads onto the wall like a patch of Infestation, weapon arm and head protruding while he aims.


Second Ability – Stalk


Lysis uses the Infestation’s predatory instinct to sense and mark easy targets, highlighting them and providing extra damage for the whole squad.


Bladestorm-ish mechanics but doesn’t prevent weapon usage, has no actual cast animation beyond a minor visual, so it can be cast while aiming, shooting, attacking, etc.

Next 2/4/6/8 enemies aimed at are highlighted (both on the minimap and outlined Argonak style with the Warframe’s energy color (Ideally with variations per faction, see notes)) for the team and receive extra damage.

Reactivating the ability ends any active tags but replenishes marks and allows you to remark targets immediately.


Cost: 50 Energy.

Strength: 0.5/1/2/3x extra damage.

Range 50 meters.

Duration: 10/15/20/30s.

Power Modifiers

Strength increases damage multiplier.

Range increases tag distance.

Duration increases debuff duration.




If I had it my way, neither this nor his 3 would have cast animations, but that wouldn’t be kosher, so oh well. Uptime and ease of use are essential to this ability, and given that it’s the main workhorse of the concept, it won out.

Meant to be core to his gameplay, and therefore interacts with all of his skillset in some fashion. Really should've started with this one first, shouldn't I.

Buff has no set duration, it expires when all charges are consumed.

Damage multiplier is lower than the more skill-dependant Sonar, but higher than an untargeted debuff like Molecular Prime.

Range is better than similar debuffs, to compensate for the fact that it’s not fire-and-forget.

Duration is on part with similar debuffs.

Animation notes


The plates on Lysis’ jaw, throat and sternum slide back, forming a jagged, maw-like opening that exudes an Energy Color-ed gas trail until all available tags are consumed.

Ideally, the highlight would vary for each faction, blood vessels and tumours for Grineer, malformed skeletons for Infested, technological internals and augmented nerves for Corpus, Orokin intrusive machinery for the Corrupted.


Third Ability – Contaminate


Lysis corrupts his next attack with a dose of disease, ravaging the next enemy struck and causing them to explode into an airburst of weakening pathogen upon death.


The next attack (melee or gunshot) blights the enemy.

Target hit will be afflicted with a debuff, reducing their faction-appropiate defensive stat (armor, shields or HP).

If they die while affected (even if the killing blow is the debuff application), enemies around them will suffer a massive slow.

Has synergy with Stalk, an enemy that dies with both Stalk and Contaminate debuffs will apply the slow and spread a new iteration of the original Contaminate debuff on enemies in range, allowing for renewed application.

Upper body animation (disables combat, allows for movement and parkour).


Cost: 75 Energy.

Strength: Initial debuff: 10/20/30/40% defensive reduction. Followup: 25/35/45/55% slow.

Range: 10/12/14/16m.

Duration: Initial debuff & Followup: 5/10/15/20s.

Power Modifiers

Both debuffs are fixed in their Strength %.

All other modifiers are self-explanatory.




CC, but it’s not hard CC! And target softening, but conditional! Slows mean massive DPS drop-offs while not actually doing much with extraneous sources of damage (Eximus effects, AoE), so I think it evens out somewhat.

Tapping two buttons to get CC might sound complicated, but if you use Stalk (*gasp* a third button), you can aim, tag and apply Contaminate to an enemy all in one smooth motion, making mass application easier.

Armor strip is better than Terrify and comparable to Avalanche as it is tougher to apply to groups, while shield and HP reduction falls behind Magnetize/Viral procs to compensate for the catch-all nature of the ability.

Slow is hefty, higher than Molecular Prime and on par with Creeping Terrify, but in return for spreading and renewing when combined with Stalk, it does not scale with Strength.

Range is on par with Spores, on account of the renewable nature of the debuff.

Animation notes


Lysis strikes his forearms together twice, the first impact cracking the armor plates, the second exposing the flesh underneath, which begins dripping Energy Color droplets and stains his equipped weapon until the buff is consumed.


Ultimate – Cull


Lysis unleashes a swarm of sentient flechettes, which will home in on exposed prey.


Fires a swarm of flechettes (8/16/24/32 darts) up into the air.

If enemies in the acquisition range are affected by Stalk or either part of Contaminate, a portion of the darts will teleport to the debuffed enemies, ignoring cover and dealing extra damage (25% per debuff), but consuming the debuffs in the process.

Any darts that don’t teleport will arc down and impact the area around Lysis, dealing damage to anything they hit.


Cost: 100 Energy.

Strength: 150/300/450/600 Puncture damage per dart.

Range: Impact area: 10/15/20/25m. Acquisition range: 20/30/40/50m.

Duration: Acquisition: <100: 0%. <150: 50%. >150%: 100%.

Power Modifiers

Strength augments per-flechettes damage.

Range affects AoE (25m impact area, 50m target acquisition(same as Stalk range)).

Duration is a little unique, affecting total target acquisition: at 100 duration half the flechette will teleport to debuffed targets and half will spread, at >150 all will teleport, while at Duration < 100 no flechettes will teleport.




Can you say versatility? I sure can.

Slither into a crowd, smash that 4 and do your best Bouncing Betty impression, Stalk a group and Macross their collective asses, or Contaminate a heavy and show your team what someone tripping onto a hedgehog looks like!

The “home in on” part is a filthy lie, any sort of pathing and potential collision would utterly cripple this ability, but it sounds better than “teleports”.

Interacts with his passive, meaning that a few seconds of preparation can result in a good chunk of extra damage.

In essence, a solo cast will deal damage to an entire area (flechettes impacts around Lysis in an even pattern, AoE on darts should be large enough to make two hits almost guaranteed and three hits likely) and yield comparable results to Radial Javelin, Divine Spears or Reckoning (while not providing the additional CC of those abilities), but using Lysis’ available synergies will result in higher damage, providing guaranteed hits with increased damage to marked enemies while also leaving them open to the untargeted impacts, if cast from close or within the enemy group. Targeted darts are drawn from the farther circles first, thinning out the impacts at the edge of the area and further emphasising the need for point-blank casts if you wish to make use of both parts of the ability.

Alternatively, choosing to ignore the AoE element and just using the ranged component of Cull is also viable.

Additionally, while there is a limit to how many darts may acquire a target (modified by Duration mods, as per the Modifiers section), there is no limit to how many darts can teleport to a single enemy, allowing for some brutal single target nukes.

Math break! An ideal solo melee-range cast would deal 3x600 = 1800 damage to each enemy, and a Stalk setup could reach (4x600)x1.25 = 3000 easily.

A 100% Duration ranged cast would deal (2x600)x1.25 = 1500 to each enemy with just Stalk, and (2x600)x1.75 = 2625 with Stalk and both Contaminate parts, and at 150% Duration you’re looking at (4x600)x1.25 = 3000 and (4x600)x1.75 = 4200, respectively.

This isn’t taking the extra damage from Stalk, the defense reduction from Contaminate, or the Encroachment stacks into account, or even Strength mods. Damage!

The main idea behind the ability is that it’s gotta be earned. You’re either hauling ass around the map with Slither to AoE groups, or you’re in a good vantage point, tagging, debuffing and flechett-ing dudes like there’s no tomorrow.

Animation notes


Lysis hunches over and wraps his arms around his torso, as the plates forming the ridge on his back hinge open and disgorge the darts.

The flechettes hover over him for a moment before either moving to their targets or shooting down  around Lysis.


Final thoughts

Boy, this got long.

The original iteration of Lysis had nothing to do with the Infestation.

He was meant as a middle point between Ivara and Mesa, a gunman/hunter focused on quick repositioning and precise power usage, a Warframe take on a marksman/sniper.

Once the idea of him as a counterpoint to Nidus emerged, I latched onto it pretty hard, and his new themes and aesthetics developed quickly, which is usually a good sign.

I’m not gonna mince words. This is MY frame, my dream setup, mobility, utility and a versatile damage button all wrapped up in aesthetic I enjoy, something that is able to dish out damage at multiple ranges and in a variety of ways, something I would pick up and run with forever, or at least until the Prime came out.

I’m very much aware that power synergies tend to be looked down upon on two different fronts, the “why press three buttons when X frame does it in one?” front and the “why bother setting up combos when your teammates will ruin them?” front, but I still believe that’s a matter of balance and game design direction, and that if more Warframes  that rely on synergies are released, both of those fronts might eventually be quelled.

Thus ends my concept!

Thanks for reading.

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Damn this is well thought out. I would definitely play something like this if i got the chance.

Normally i would go through and try and fix anything i think is broken, but I can't see anything broken here; everything is well thought out and explained and the numbers aren't stupidly high either.

Good Job.

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19 minutes ago, Gumleguy said:

. There is nothing in his/her kit that requires him/her to be infested

7 hours ago, DeadlySurgeon said:

Lysis is an opportunist, an insect-like predator that embodies absolute stillness until it is time to strike

Yeah maybe drop the whole infested style nidus comparision and focus more on the insect like aspect
I'm too sleepy to check everything right now, but will do later

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10 hours ago, AndouRaiton said:


Good Job.

Thanks a lot!


4 hours ago, Gumleguy said:

I would say you could remodel this into more of a rogue-ish ivara. There is nothing in his/her kit that requires him/her to be infested


3 hours ago, -.SP.-G43riel said:

Yeah maybe drop the whole infested style nidus comparision and focus more on the insect like aspect
I'm too sleepy to check everything right now, but will do later

I don't disagree, Lysis could definitely be retooled to fit any other thematic, but I'd say that's because most Warframes don't have anything that ties their visual themes to their gameplay themes.

To use Nidus as an example, since he was part of my inspiration, he could be fitted into a Corpus thematic (Mutation into a Capacitor Charge, Virulence as an EMP Wave, Larva as a Magnetic Mine, Ravenous as an Assembly Module, etc) without actually touching his core theme of power through growth.

I like Lysis as part of the Infestation because we've seen a lot of the disease as a mindless cataclysm but relatively little of it as the cunning disaster it's supposed to be, and a Warframe that's not only subservient to hive but that has actually been altered and transformed into a specialized predator, that's something I'd like to see. 

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Srsly, no infestation, we already have one. And these abilities are not even that infestation related. First ability has nothing to do with infestation, and even goes against the theme, because the infestation is anything but stealthy. Second ability sounds more like an ivara ability. 3rd sounds like a hitman coating his weapon with poison, and the last ability is just ash shuriken with 1600% multishot. This sounds like a really cool hitman-themed warframe, but not a parralel to nidus.

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