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low gpu utilization and usage


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I've had problems with this on 3 separate occasions and I'm done with it. I have around 90% utilization in warframe most of the time, but on these 3 occasions it dips to around 5% (under load). This is only happening in warframe and doesn't on any other games. I have a gtx 1050 and typically get a stable 60fps, but it's now 5-15. I searched around and did everything I was suggested the first time, like changing power settings, changing settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel, and so on. I can't play warframe when it's like this. The other times this has happened it just fixed itself, and has been running stable since. It's like a light switch. I literally turn my system off and on then the game doesn't want to use my gpu for anything. It's not a cpu bottleneck, nor is it thermal throttling (average of 40 C). Not sure what's happening but I'm getting sick of it. 

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