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Looking for a HM build for corinth



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7 minutes ago, (PS4)Equinox21697 said:

Try getting your hands on a riven, a unrolled one shouldn't cost more than 200 I think, then try for cc cd sc and you won't need hunter munitions because that weapon already deals slash damage

Different prices for the platforms. PC's rivens are grossly overpriced.

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Try to get a riven with +status or as much crit as possible. 

So a riven with cc/ms, cc/ms/sc all with some managable negative. Not sure about cc/sc

Ms because the corinth is a pellet shotgun. Cd is pretty weak on the Corinth, I would ignore that advise.

And you can easily test if hunters is worth it or not in the simulacrum, in my tests a corinth without hunters was weak (not headshotting).

Also you only use heat as element which isnt far from ideal. So replace laser sight with a riven, drop vigilante and blaze and replace with the appropriate elemental combo.


As you see, I gave up on 100% status and just went for as much crit as possible with hunters.


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