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FPS drop since last update


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I've been experiencing fps drop since the latest patch, also the shades gets blurry sometimes and need to wait the game to focus to it. There is also a black background when i want to manage my operator in the orbiter. I've updated my drivers and tested other games and everything is fine except warframe.

My spec is pretty old though:


NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB

4GB Ram

Do you have any tips what can i do with that? 

Thank you!

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Yeah, I'd assume it's something to do with the change in lighting engine. On low setting it looks really bad now, colours are blown out and differ significantly in different lighting settings (red becomes pink/brown). It's especially bad in Gas City on Jupiter with the map being relatively bright to begin with, now it lookls like Minecraft with maxed brightness, all texture "dissapears" from surfaces under direct light and it looks like Warframes were coloured in Paint.

On my old rig the only significant performance drop is noticable on the Plains, but it's a pretty big drop. That is with the settings unchanged, when I tried to make game look like it did before the update, it ate a lot of performance everywhere, even in the orbiter.


Turning off adaptive exposure and colour correcting seemed to help a little with performance, but it ain't pretty...

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