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Connection to server lost. you will now return to the main screen


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good afternoon. 
Today, on this fine day, I hunted terralysts with the head of our clan. everything went well. core sentient rained in buckets. and then came the moment when I had to go back to Cetus, to which the game, when I loaded on this location, replied, "the Connection to the server is lost. you will now return to the main screen." the head of the clan said that he, among other hoaxers, had " mystical grace." I think it is not necessary to explain HOW expensive this hoax. I understand that no life support staff member will return my hoax to me, but I would like to clarify something. you, that is, Digital Extremes are working on the release of global updates, leave the prerequisites and mysteries, although it is not a small effort, but it can not do basic things. why can't my computer remember what mission progress I've made, instead of coordinating each step of saving the reward to the server?

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