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Game Randomly Closes When Extracting from PoE


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I've recently started hitting up the PoE more often and extraction has been a coin toss, ending up in the game randomly closing itself upon extraction 20% of the time and me losing all the loot. Usually I don't mind it too much since such faults are to be expected (You'll see why below) but I got into Eidolon hunting a few days ago and I've lost 2 Tridolon rounds worth of loot so far which is frustrating. I usually abandon bounties after the last stage but I'm unsure if this works on Eidolons and I don't want to risk trying.

PC Specs:

AMD Phenom II 1090t @ 3.2GHz

8GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz

Nvidia GTX 1050ti

OS: Arch Linux

I'm running Warframe through Steam with Gloriouseggroll's script, running on proton 3.7-8, the game runs OK in all other cases, except this one. I know my platform is not supported but I'm just interested in seeing if anyone else has had similar issues and maybe a fix for them.

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I am ignorant on Linux so I apologize if this doesn't help, I had a lot of crashes in plains and transition from plains to cetus my OS is W10 64bit. Warframe launcher has all it's options (the cogwheel icon at top right) on by default, after trial and error I ended up unchecking every box except 64bit one. Other than momentary freezes every now and then PoE doesn't crash. Especially DX10 DX11 causes a whole lot of issues at least for windows

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