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MODS: Producing Incorrect Results Since Update


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My mods are no longer producing the expected results. This issue is a consistent issue on my account for all mods I looked into so far. The issue started this week with the latest update. For example, I have a Vitality mod installed on a max rank Frost Prime and it has been upgraded via fusion to offer a 360% buff to health. Frost Prime’s base health is listed as 75 when I remove the Vitality mod. With the Vitality mod equipped my health is now at 165. I also have a maxed out Physique Aura which should increase my health +18%. 

I have tried removing the mods and reinstalling them, restarting the game, removing the mods then restarting the game then reinstalling the mods, and just restarting the console in general. My wife and I both play Warframe on the same PS4, but she is not experiencing the same issue. 


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