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Wingsuit Mode for Operators


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Something that I think would give a lot of freedom and pleasure to Operator movement is a squirrel wingsuit mode in place of where the Warframe aim glide would be.


Especially with the new open worlds, this experience would be pretty fantastic in my opinion.

In order not to mess up the operator fashion that I and many others have paid for, the wingsuit could be deployed much like Hiccup's wingsuit in "How to Train Your Dragon 2."  If you've watched the movie, you may have noticed that his wingsuit blends in with his normal outfit.  An operator wingsuit would work the same way: It stays hidden until released for gliding.


The minimum height in which the operator can take damage from a fall should be the minimum height in which the wingsuit can be activated.  For example, if you jump normally and hold right click, you would be aiming your amp like normal.  However, if you were to jump off a cliff and hold right click, the operator would activate the wingsuit, and you could glide around.

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If they just let us use K-Drive on Orb Vallis as Operators, there's really no need for something like this.

Combined with the fact that Operators can negate all fall damage with Void Mode, and take almost no falling damage anyway when you don't use Void Mode.
(which is why Magus Cloud is one of the worst Arcanes ever.)

It is a neat idea, but I don't think it would have a place as there are better ways for them to get around. Why glide when you can dash? And that sort of thing.

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