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DE,can u let rhino more stronger?rhino is a tank but nezha and wukong、even inaros more difficult to die,i see rhino not like a tank now,nezha and wukong,them skill have many damage and more difficult than rhino to die.please,let rhino more stronger,more difficult to die,better all warframe,like a real tank.

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5 hours ago, 972748270 said:

my mean is only talking about take damage,my rhino second skill have 8000 iron skilll,but i fight with lv:80-100 enemy,more easily then wukong、nezha and inaros to die

Modded appropriately and played well, Rhino should be able to tank level 80-100 enemies without even needing Iron Skin.

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As a rhino main , i feel offended by this post. Rhino is arguably the strongest tank in game with ironclad charge. He can face tank ridiculous amounts of damage over an extended period of time while also having status and knockdown immunity. I have a feeling that you're new to warframe but it's generally a better idea to ask around before demanding a frame rework

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1 hour ago, AimanZaaba said:

Is Rhino really good? Or im just bad on using the frame. 

I've watch tutorial on mods, and other player use them.

Still had no clue on how to use him properly.

Right now, I prefer Mag. 😄

Rhino is absolutely godly mate, I've gone 5 arbitrations rotations with 0% damage taken. He is quite possibly, the closet we are to godframe. 


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1 hour ago, AimanZaaba said:

no clue on how to use him properly

Depends on what you want to do with him.

For tanking focus, use the Ironclad Charge Augment and lotsa Strength (also Steel Fiber),
charge through an enemy group (Range also helps here), activate Iron Skin, bam, god mode for a good while.
Iron Shrapnel lets you cancel and recast Iron Skin early / right after a Charge.

For mass CC (lol cheesing Grineer Sortie Interception / Hijack), a high-Range & Efficiency (Reinforcing) Stomp spam build is nifty.

In regards to Squad buffing via Roar, you want Strength and a bit of Duration,
Range also helps to actually reach allies (gotta love Rhinos who forget about that part).

Personally, I run a "balanced" build that's not going into extremes in any area:


Corrosive Projection, Enemy Sense
Transient Fortitude, Umbral Intensify (both R9 because exactly 200% Strength looks neat lol)
Stretch, Streamline
Primed Continuity, Umbral Fiber (also R9, just makes it easier to fit onto existing builds)
Ironclad Charge, Iron Shrapnel

Tanky enough with the Augment wombo combo, decent Roar buff, mass CC, yay.

If you have Energy issues, just one of Zenurik Focus / Arcane Energize / Energy Generator should solve that.

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