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Downed self-respawn when 3/4 other players wait on the extraction for the downed player causes the self-revived player to be disincluded in the mission finalization


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Hello, I would like to report a bug. I am unsure if it was a singular case for it to occur.

When I run today's sortie's second mission, something strange happened as I have been downed by a swarm of enemies on my way to the extraction. Every other player run for the exit and left me bleeding out, as I have seen the "3/4 players are waiting for you on the extraction" message, and so I decided that there is no reason for me not to hold a button and self-respawn, to then quickly head to the extraction myself, saving time for everyone. I was also expecting that perhaps the game would accept that I have been dead and as my character was no longer on the map, the mission would end instantly (it happened to me before).

And it did, however I was disincluded from the pool of players. It wasn't as though I hadn't had any more revives -- in fact I have had all 5 of them (no arcane revives), it wasn't even as though the mission was failed just for me only: It was as though I wasn't in the mission from the beginning, for the game.

I quickly bolted to the star-chart to see if the sortie's mission was considered completed (the second one, Sabotage) and to my surprise, it wasn't. I enclose screenshots and I do have a copy of logs from that time, if necessary. 

81bgrEV.jpg 1 - me on the mission of today's second stage of sortie on Oceanum, Pluto (Sabotage) Only Rifles, please notice the "Reach the reactor" notification and player names (the same as in the screenshot below), indicating it's the right mission.

VEyuhOg.jpg2 - finalization stage of the mission, after I have self-revived when all other players were waiting for me on the extraction -- as though I wasn't a part of the squad, not only as though the mission was failed only for me. 

A8pwJnr.jpg 3 - starchart after the team disassambled. The game didn't recognise my completion of the mission as well. I can't prove that it is indeed a screenshot from after the second one right away, but I suggest that I could send the original screenshots, in which the date of creation would indicate so, if I should be required to do it.

Seeing that this kind of bug could be devastating for endless long-run players or typical grinders on high-level missions, and relatively easy to trigger with the right circumstances, I wanted to submit it, however I do not want any compensation for the fact that I have been disincluded from the pool of player in the finalization of that particular mission, as the rewards were very minor and I managed to redo the mission again in solo very quickly and comfortably. Thank you and kind regards.

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clarified that by "self-revive" i mean quick revive: pressing a button to die and then respawn.
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