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Djinn not invisible with Ivara

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Multiple times, Djinn would not be invisible when Ivara was, drawing fire and getting Ivara killed.  I do NOT have the mod that is supposed to draw fire installed.

I'm not 100% sure if it was happening after Djin came back from reawaken, or if it was after I got killed and self revived

I actually think

  • Djinn dies - goes into countdown to reawaken
  • I died, and self revived, 
  • I went invisible
  • Djin timer kicked in to re-awaken AFTER I was invisible again, but he wasn't.


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Further testing  - when he revives, he comes back visible if ivara is invis, and Ivara has to toggle invisibility to get him to hide.  My work around to survive was to pay attention to his timer, and a few seconds before he would come back shoot a cloak arrow at the ground, hang out until he comes back, then toggle invisibility.



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