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New gearwheel misbehaves


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Another issue here is gearwheel keybindings messing up. This happens due to an odd behavior where gearwheel items shift counterclockwise whenever an item in the preceding slot is depleted. Let's say I have energy and health restore items occupying slots 1 and 2 respectively, they are bound to keys Num1 and Num2 for quick access. So when I use up all my energy restores, next time I press Num1 it pops a health restore item! Why? because new system thinks that if you no longer have those items that the slot was bound to, it can no longer keep that binding and consider that slot now to be unbound, and the system can not allow for empty slot sitting on gearwheel. So it moves all items from the following slots 1 slot counterclockwise. Needless to say, it destroys all the gear keybindings.  Now if you try to pop out the scanner - you get (as in my case) "starburst" of fireworks to commemorate the awesome moment of failure 😄

Also, to restore an order in the galaxy, you'd need to completely rebuild entire gearwheel from the scratch, you can't just insert an item into a slot and have the following items shift up (clockwise) and preserve the sequence of items. Does this sound scary enough? Every time you run out of any (important) gear item you'd have to manually repopulate every single slot in gearwheel from the scratch!

I just figured that a workaround for that particular problem with the scanner binding would be to place the scanner in slot 1 so it stays there, since I got infinite scanner with sol battery widget installed. But what if you don't have sol battery?

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Even rearranging the items on my gear wheel I found this little feature when trying to add a duplicate item to move it. Extremely annoying. I ended up removing everything then adding them one at a time in the order I want.

Also, an annoyance that if you have 12 items it is still an infinite wheel instead of the classic solid circle.

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