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Warframe in profile animation bug


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I found out that if you're on your friends list and check out your profile your frame seem to try to do an animation, use the melee weapon (you can even hear the metallic sound or the weapon being unsheathed, and it pauses (seemingly mid way). Like so 123.  I've got my primary and secondary weapons as hidden.

It only seems to happen with this exact set up, I've tried with other frames and weapons but the bug doesn't happen.

Seems to happen with Nidus & Lesion too, 1. Happens with Harrow and any nikana, 1, also nikanas don't seem to appear in the profile.

Apparently it's not tied to the frames or weapons since I've tried it on all the frames and weapons I have and it happens with all of them as well, v.g. 123.

I've found out that sometimes it doesn't happen by spamming the View Profile button but in the majority of the cases it happens.

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